The-End-Of-The-YearYouth Soccer has been a life changer for our family.  Of course when you think about any sport that your kids get involved in, they all are going to have some impact on your family life.

The bonds you share with your kids and their teammates and their families have an impact on you.  There’s no other way to put it really. Then for the girls themselves… priceless.  As my son would say, “It’s All Good!”


Here’s hoping that there is something in this site that you will find useful or inspiring.

Dan Hatcher

P.S.  I have uploaded pictures of each game I attended (and a few I didn’t thanks to Allen Fitzgerald) for you to go thru. These pics, for the most part are straight off the camera and are very large. This is why I made the thumbnails so large so that you can see the pic without having to click on it. This means that you can edit them by zooming in and cropping and your image will still look good. Provided that is, that the focus on the shot allows it.

This is my daughter Hannah. In whom I am well pleased.

This is my daughter Hannah. In whom I am well pleased.

There are MANY pictures. You will have a time going thru them all. Just warning  you! 🙂

NOTE: To download a picture, click on the thumbnail that you see on the page. When you do that, the 11-12meg picture will load on your screen. Once it is loaded, right click on that picture and “Save As” to your computer. Then… Photoshop to your heart’s delight!